Editing/Modding Tutorials for Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy

Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith Editing Tutorials

3do Construction in JED
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-20)
Learn how to create a custom 3do, texture it, then implement it into your level.

3do Crafting in JED
by Ventrue_Vanula/Andrew (1998-12-18)
Learn how to create custom 3dos in JED. The author uses a complex looking weapon for an example.

A New Twist on Sectors within Sectors
by Dino Delucchi (1998-09-20)
This is awesome. It describes an ingenious way of creating outdoor buildings.

Adding Character to Your Levels
by Daft\_Vader (2003-07-19)
Demonstrates methods for cleaving that will drastically improve the visual design of your levels with three practical examples.

Additing Sctors to 3dos
by Darth DarKal (1999-03-02)
Learn how to add custom pieces onto 3do's. This is useful for adding stuff like ponytails, shoulder pads, and other misc. addon pieces.

Adjoining (connecting rooms) (old, possibly outdated)
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-20)
Creating two rooms, connected by a small hallway.

Adjoining Part 1: Connecting Rooms
by Brian Lozier (1999-05-10)
Creating two rooms, connected by a small hallway.

Adjoning: Part 2
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-20)
Creating two rooms, one taller than the other, connected together.

Advanced Architecture Techniques
by Brian Lozier (1999-05-03)
Learn how to create an advanced pipe junction. This tutorial focuses on using advanced techniques such as snap-to vertex, perfect polygons, and advanced cleaving techniques.

Advanced Lighting - Coronas and Beams
by Jon`C (1999-12-11)
Learn how to create coronas and beams of light shining from lamps or windows.

Advanced Lighting - Tunnel Lights
by Jepman (2000-06-18)
Creating tunnel lights.

Advanced Lighting - Various Techniques
by Freelancer (2001-07-09)
Become familiar with linear gradients, 'X' cleaves, and ridding your maps of lighting skews.

Angled Cleaving
by PedHead (2000-05-07)
Add some character to your sectors with a few cornered slopes.

Animating .MATs
by PC_McCloud (1999-01-21)
Learn how to animate mats.

Animation Made Easy!!!!
by Ping_Me (1999-06-14)
Create new character animations.

Basic Doors
by Pot-Head (1998-03-21)
Learn how to create doors that open and close automatically when you go near them.

Basic Elevator Tutorial
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-21)
Learn how to create simple elevators that move up or down when a player walks over them.

Basic enemy modeling
by EvanC (1998-07-04)
Learn how to make your own basic enemy models and animate them.

Beams Tutorial
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-28)
Beams for detail.

Broken TV Effect
by Patrick "EL3CTRO" Grant (2001-07-16)
Use Paint Shop Pro to create custom MATs with video signal interefence.

COG programming - Output Functions
by MastaJedi (1998-06-05)
Learn to format text output generated by cog outputs

by Pot-Head (1998-04-14)
Learn how to create a Capture the Flag level. This tutorial is not geared towards novice editors. Please be familiar with adding and using cogs before attempting to create a CTF level.

Camera Tutorial
by Booto (1998-04-07)
Learn how to create cameras in Jedi Knight. They function much like (but not exactly) the ones in MotS.

Catwalks (Revised)
by SL_Ric_Olie (2000-02-20)
Learn how to create catwalks - A good tutorial for learning negative space editing.

Circular Architecture
by EvanC (1998-10-04)
Learn how to make circular pillars in your rooms.

Circular Exterior Architecture
by Jkior Kav (1999-09-04)
Learn a new technique to create circular exterior architecture

by Obsidian (1999-12-12)
Learn how to make client/server cogs, special types of cogs that produce a minimum of lag in multiplayer.

by Brian Lozier (1998-10-17)
Learn to cleave. Covers sectors, surfaces, and edges.

Creating MotS Style Cutscenes
by Jay "Jarrod Li" Leno (1998-07-09)
Another tutorial on creating MotS cutscenes. Author says to read Antony Espindola's tutorial before this one.

Creating New Player Characters - Revisited
by Lee Howett (1998-10-03)
Learn another technique to create player characters

Creating Outdoor Buildings I
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-19)
Basic tutorial on creating the "sector in sector" illusion.

Creating Outdoor Buildings II
by Brian Lozier (1998-03-25)
This tutorial teaches you how to create the "insides" of buildings built using the technique outlined in the previous Outdoor Tutorial.

Creating a Dome in JED
by Mangore Kiramin (1998-09-13)
Learn how to create domed sectors in Jed using multiselect. Same technique can be used to create sphere's.

Crooked Catwalks
by Bulworth (1999-08-17)
Learn how to create more advanced catwalks.

Curving Pipes
by Brain Lozier (1998-07-06)
Learn how to create pipes that curve at a 90 degree angle.

Custom Crosshair
by Rjmig88 (2000-07-23)
This tutorial teaches you how to make the proper modifications to add your own customized crosshair image..

Domes the Easy Way
by IRN\_Razor\_CORE (1998-09-26)
A faster way to make a similar dome by rescaling sectors.

Domes with Beams Tutorial
by Linux 'ThreeDee' Rachlis (2001-09-01)
How to create domes with support beams.

Easy Particles
by Dustino (2000-07-18)
How to add particle fields to a level using easy_particle.cog. All the files needed for the tutorial are included in the zip.

Easy Sprites
by Dustino (2000-07-15)
An easy way to add sprites to a level implementing the easysprites.cog.

Editing Loading and Background Screens
by Shakahn (1998-06-27)
A short tutorial explaining how to edit BM files (set loading and background screens).

Finding Skin Palette Problems With JED
by Red (1998-07-06)
Learn how to make sure your skins will look the same in any level, regardless of what colormap is used.

Friendly Baddies and Faithful Companions
by Fourwood (1998-08-09)
Learn how to make any enemy turn into a friendly player and help you rather than hurt you.

How to Create Domes By Hand
by SavageX (1998-09-13)
How to make domes in JED by hand (without using plugins).

How to Setup the Parameters in CTF Cogs
by SavageX (None)
More information on setting up the CTF cogs.

Making Conveyor Belts
by REZ (1999-07-22)
This is a tutorial on conveyor belts. It covers the cog, mats, basic cleaving and adding sound. Many pictures included.

Making an Actor for a Cutscene from a Skin
by Violata (2000-01-12)
Straightforward method to make an actor for a cutscene out of a skin in MotS.

MotS-Style Cutscenes Tutorial
by Antony Espindola (1998-07-09)
Learn to use cog to control cameras and actors in a MotS-style cutscene.

Natural Terrain Using Triangular Sectors
by Darth J (2001-09-01)
A method for creating natural terrain.

New Sounds for Jedi Knight
by EvanC (1998-07-28)
Learn how to make new character sounds.

Perfect Polygons
by Brian, Josh, and Dave (1998-09-20)
This is what I (Mangore) like to call the pinwheel process. It describes how to make perfect 8 and 16 sided polygons.

by EvanC (1999-07-10)
A tutorial on pipe architechture.

Realistic Canyons/Outdoors
by Justin Stocks (1999-07-04)
Learn how to create very realistic looking canyons in JED

Sector Thrusts and Vectors
by Mangore Kiramin (1998-04-08)
This tutorial will show you how to create sector thrust, which is used in many levels, a good example of which would be Bespin Mining Station. It involves doing a little bit of math, but it's nothing too hard.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy Tutorials

Jedi Outcast Doors Tutorial by Craig "UGG" Urquhart (2002-09-21)
Provides comprehensive information related to creating doors of all kinds, covering various activation schemes, properties, sound sets and general troubleshooting. Download includes example map.